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                                      Mata Pelajaran        :  Bahasa Inggris
                                      Kelas/Semester        :  VII/I
                                      Hari/tanggal             :  Rabu, 21 September 2016
                                      Waktu                      :  15.00 – 16.10 WITA                                    

I.       Silanglah  jawaban yang dianggap paling benar di bawah ini, a,b,c dan d!
Soal Pilihan Ganda

1.      Teacher            : Good morning students
Students          : …
Teacher            : How are you today?
Students          : We are fine. And you?
Teacher            : Fine, too.
a. Good afternoon sir                                                  c. good evening sir
b. Good morning sir                                                    d. good night

2.      Teacher            : Stand up please!
Student           : …we start the lesson. Let’s pray together
a. after                                                                         c. god
b. finish                                                                       d. before

This text is for mumber 3 to 7

My name (3)… Rendy Ardiansyah. I am thirteen years (4)…. I am a (5)… of SMP 1 Sukabumi. I was born in Sukabumi, 21st April 2003. I (6)… at Jl. Benteng No.40, my phone number is 085759557046. I (7)… jogging, bicycling, and listening to music. My parent's name is Mr.Hedi Subagja and Mrs.Yunita Amretasari. My blood type is AB. You can e-mail me at Rendy01@gmail.com. I am in 7A. I have lot of friends. Banu Ramadani is one of my friends.



a. is                                                                                    c. for
      b. to                                                                                   d. are

a. time                                                                               c. old
b. back                                                                               d. one

a. teacher                                                                           c. sister
b. brother                                                                           d. student

a. live                                                                                 c. have
b. Home                                                                            d. stay

a. have                                                                               c. hobby
b. like                                                                                d. buy

8.      Siska    : Good morning my friend. How are you doing?
Anton  : I’m very well thank you, and you?
Siska    : I’m not so well. …
Anton  : goodbye my friend. I’ll see you later
a. I’m so happy                                                              c. I’m great
b. I fell alright                                                                d. I don’t fell alright

This text is for number 7 to 8

Endri   : Hello my friend. (7) …
Aska    : I’m fine thank you and how about you?
Endri   : I’m good my friend.  It’s so nice to see you
Aska    : (8)…. I’ll see you later



a. what is your name?                                                 c. how old are you?
b. how about you?                                                      d. How are you today?

a. goodbye my friend                                                  c. I’m not so well
b. I’m very happy                                                        d. good morning my friend

This text is for mumber 11 to 15

Students          : (11) …
Mrs. Bella        : good morning, everyone
Students          : (12) …
Mrs. Bella        : fine thanks. How are you?
Students          : (13) …
Mrs. Bella        : come in, please
Kate                : nice to meet you. My name is kate
Students          : (14) …
Anton              : sit down, please
Kate                : (15) …



a. good afternoon                                                                    c. good night
  b. good evening                                                                      d. good morning

a. how old are you?                                                                 c. how are you?
  b. what is your name?                                                             d. where do you live?

a. great!                                                                                   c. I think so
  b. I don’t think so                                                                   d. I’m student

a. see you later                                                                                    c. fine thank
  b. thank you                                                                            d. nice to meet you, too

a. see you later                                                                                    c. fine thank
  b. thank you                                                                            d. goodbye

16.  Teacher            : Everybody, may I have your attention, please?
 Students         : …        
 Teacher           : Thank you

a. no, I can’t                                                                            c. yes, ma’am
  b. good!                                                                                  d. not so good

17.  Anton  likes meat ball, … rina likes fried rice
a. too                                                                                       c. good
  b. but                                                                                      d. after

18.  Teacher            : How are you Komang?
Komang          : I’m not so well. I don’t fell alright
Teacher            : …
Komang          : I have a flu
a. are you OK?                                                    c. will you go to doctor?
b.what’s the matter?                                            d. have you taken medicine?

19.  Mr. Eko           : Hello, Wira. Where are you going?
Wira                : I’m going to ganesha hospital.
Mr. Eko           : why are you going there?
Wira                : my wife is giving birth.
Mr.Eko            : See you later
Wira                : …
a. good bye                                                          c. get well soon
b.see you                                                             d. have a nice dream

20.  Komang          : how many tables are there in your classroom?
Ketut               : there … twenty five
a. was                                                                                           c. are
b. is                                                                                              d. were

21.  Tio       : How many rulers do you have?
Audy   : I … four rulers
a. has                                                                                            c. have
b. had                                                                                           d. has got

22.  Bagas  : what is your favorite food?
Adi      : my favorite food is …
a. black and white                                                                       c. coffee
b. fried noodles                                                                           d. tea

23.  Iwan    : may I borrow your book?
Adi      : yes of course
Iwan    : thanks a lot
Adi      : …
a. Good, it’s nice book                                                                c. nice job
b. you are welcome                                                                      d. yes

24.  Rizky    : Mother, look I got 9 for English test.
Mother : Really, ….
Rizky   : Thanks, Mom
Mother : I’m sure you can get 10 for the next test
a. Good luck                                                                                c. Wish me luck
  b. Congratulation                                                                        d. Good morning

25.  Susi   : will you go to market with me?
Yoen :  …
a. Thank you                                                                                c. Great
  b. Let’s go                                                                                    d. Good

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