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Middle Term test on the First Semester of 2016/2017 Academic year

Middle Term test on the First Semester of 2016/2017 Academic year
Subject                                    : English
Grade                          : 9th grade
Time Allocation          : 2 x 40 minutes

Choose a right answer for the questions below!

The dialogue below is for 1st to 4th questions.
Lia       : Hi Shanti
Shanti  : Hi Lia
Lia       : I heard you have won the poetry writing contest on the last contest in Bangli. Congratulations on your success!
Shanti  : Thank you Lia. Please wish me luck
Lia       : of course I do. I hope you will win the next contest in Denpasar

1.       According to the dialogue, who is the winner of the contest?

2.       Where will the next contest be held?
a.In the school
c.In Denpasar
b.In Bangli
d.In Lia’s house

3.       What did Shanti say to respond Lia’s congratulations expressions?
c.I hope
b.Hi Lia
d.Thank you Lia

4.       “I heard you have won …” what is the infinitive form (V1) of the underlined word?

The text below is for 5th and 6th questions

Rounded Rectangle: To: Andika
Congratulations on winning the chess tournament 2016. I hope you’ll be the future best player

From: Cherrie

5.       What is the purpose of the text above?
a.To describe the writer’s feeling
b.To congratulate on someone’s success
c.To inform the winner of the tournament
d.To tell the schedule of the tournament

6.       Why did Cherrie send a congratulations card to Andika? It because…
a.Andika won the chess tournament
b.Andika became the best player
c.Andika is Cherrie’s brother
d.Andika and Cherrie were the winner

The text is for 7th to 10th questions

A Rule to Use Uniform
We must wear a uniform everyday. From Monday to Thursday we must wear the batik shirt. The girls must wear a black skirt, and the boys must wear a pair of black pants. On Friday we must wear the Scout uniform. We must wear proper shoes. We must not wear sandals, a T-shirt, or a casual wear at any place and at any time during the school hours.

7.       According to the text, when do we have to wear batik shirt?
a.Monday and Tuesday
c.Monday to Thursday
b.Wednesday and Thursday

8.       “We must not wear sandals” what does the underlined word mean?
c.have to
b.Not Allowed

9.       “We must wear proper shoes” the underlined word has similar meaning to…

10.   What should we wear on Friday?
a.Batik shirt
c.Black skirt
b.Scout uniform

The dialogue below is for 11th and 12th questions
Lina     : I don’t feel well, I’m catching cold.
Udin    : You should go to the doctor.
Beni     : I don’t think that’s a good idea. What you need is just take a good rest and drink a lot of fresh water.
Siti       : I agree with Udin. You should go to the doctor.  You look very pale. You need to take medicine soon.
Edo     : I don’t agree with you Siti. You must not take too much medicine. You just need a good rest, much fresh water and fruit. Eat only healthy food.
Dayu   : I think the best way to do is going home, Lina. Your mom and dad know better what you should do.

11.   According to the text, who is catching a cold?

12.   “You should go to the doctor” what is the purpose of the expression?
a.To congratulate someone
c.To give suggestion
b.To ask opinion
d.To respond opinion

Fill in the blanks below!

Siti       : Look! It … (13) the new classroom. I think it will be more comfortable than the old one
Sarah   : I don’t think this classroom is more comfortable. This classroom is too narrow and make …(14) feel hot.
Edo     : I agree …(15) Sarah. We will feel uncomfortable in the hot situation. We will not focus to study.




The dialogue is for 16th to 18th questions
Tari       : Take the cough medicine now!
Ridho  : What should I do that for?
Tari       : You have to take the medicine now, so that you will feel better soon

16.Who is si

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